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Welcome to callasia24.com

Now making VOIP call using Mobile Dialer is cheap rate and easy.
Call India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many other countries using mobile VOIP technology (Mobile Dialer). Level 3, Level 2, Level 1 reseller control panel, easy billing and payment system, Today's world is global village indeed. Peoples are now migrating from one country to another. Millions of people from India, Bangladesh , Pakistan , Nepal , Philippine , China, Africa are working in middle east countries like UAE (United Arab Emirate) , KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) , Quiet, Qatar, Libya , Oman and also USA , UK , SA and European countries. They need millions of VOIP minute talk time to talk with their friends and families. They need to make long distance or international call regularly. VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) makes it possible cost effectively. With the advancement of technology VOIP now established as an alternative telecommunication media with the regular PSTN telecommunication. Thus someone can easily make profit by becoming a VOIP reseller. To get your reseller panel and more details you can email or call us now.

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Level 3 Mobile Dialer Reseller
VOIP Switch Company makes an excellent VSR reseller system. In this reseller system someone can manage his major task related to the VOIP. business, Top features are creating sub reseller , setting custom tariff rates , country code , refill accounts , payment history etc. someone can create and manage his own tariff plan , VOIP sub customer / agent called Level2 reseller under Level 3 reseller. Level II reseller can create Level I reseller under his control panel. All the reseller can manage their client's payments, balance addition history, calling procedures and so many things. Almost all mobile dialer company provides this VSR reseller system.


a2z Routes.
In Bangladesh there are four internet gateway company exist. 1. Bangla trac , 2. Novo Tel , 3. Mir Telecom, 4. BTCL. these are main route provider of bangladesh, besides these some other country offer a2z routes like Genusys inc (Gplex route) , Reve System (Itel routes) etc. these company provide high quality pure white routes bangladesh white cli , pakistan white cli route, india cli routes and many other pure white routes.

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